Vote for "Stand Up 4 England" World Cup song

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A personal aside… An old mate of mine has entered a radio show competition to get his song voted top of the World Cup songs. It’s easily the best entry, but to invoke the spirit of collaboration that is emblematic of the Web, I’d like you to go and vote for it! Please go to, scroll down, look on the left for “Koopa (Stand Up 4 England)” and click to vote for it. Thanks! Go to their site to listen to the song.


Pre-order the single by texting KOOPA ENGLAND to 81330. This coats £1.50 and the proceeds will go to childrens’ charity Barnardo’s. In fact you don’t actually have to buy it – pre-ordering means it will get airplay on the radio which is what drives sales anyway and means the song has a chance of getting to No. 1.

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