Mylo comes out to play

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It's mylo, says Joi Ito. The Sony mylo ships in the US September 15. No plans for distribution in Japan. Key quote: "The mylo is a nifty little device that does wifi, Skype (you can hold it up to your ear or use a headset), GTalk (no voice), and Yahoo Instant Messenger. It also has a browser (Opera, no flash), has a photo album, plays mp3 and Windows Media Player music, and plays video formatted in the weird mp4 video format that the PSP uses. (I think. I have yet to successfully convert and play a video file.) I used it for Skype on a conference call today and it worked really well with Skype-Out. For some reason I don't seem my contacts list on Skype. The other IM clients seem to work fine (GTalk and Yahoo IM)." It will be interesting to see if the Mylo takes off on Wi-Fi's college campuses and Universities, give than 'the kids' no longer email, and mainly do IM. Bummer for the mobile networks…

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