What is Joost capable of?

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In a great article about Joost, The Guardian’s Owen Gibson looks at the main points behind the services. Jost will “split” the signal so it cannot be pirated, and there will be no user content until copyright issues are sorted out. Joost also lets you construct your own channels and will pull together all the available car content and “schedule” it into a bespoke channel for you. You can chat to other users watching the same channel, have a news ticker running along the bottom of the screen, or access online content provided by the broadcaster. A key quote from Fredrik de Wahl, Joost’s chief executive: “I haven’t seen anyone who has fundamentally redesigned what they do and integrated the content-owner needs or the advertiser needs or the viewer’s needs into one platform. We’re unique in that we get what viewers want – the end-user attraction, the simplicity of use.” Don;t believe the hype because we haven’t seen what Babelgum.com is capable of yet…

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