Will closed social networking kill off User Generated Content?

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I just need to blog this while it’s still in my head. I’m sure others have come to the same conclusion in a more erudite manner, and posted longer pieces. But I’m starting to wonder if the “User Generated Content” revolution, which was supposed to be taking over the world somewhere around about now, may not hit the heights it was predicted to. Why? Because social networking could well take over from where content creation left off. Ok, that is a massive generalisation. Of course that won’t happen for all demographics all of the time. But think about it. Even the biggest bloggers of the last 2 years – Robert Scoble, Loic Le Meur etc – are now producing almost as much content and getting possibly more interaction inside social networks than they did out on the wild-web or blogosphere. Of course, I’m referring in large part to the enormous pull of Facebook right now. But I’m also thinking that it’s specifically proprietary social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, which are not open platforms in the way blogs were, that will have this effect. We all have a limited amount of time. If the former Live Journal member or Blogspot Blogger switches to Facebook, then they are going to spend a lot of the time which they used to create content now socially networking (writing on walls, checking mini-feeds, staling people’s statuses etc). I’ll try and add more to this later…

UPDATE: I added more in my comment below.

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